Does your blog have a tone of voice?

We use different tones, depending on the audience we are speaking to and our personalities. Tones help define us and the content of what we are saying.  For examply, the professorial types always sound like they are lecturing, even when they are just discussing the weather.

Whenever we write something, we engage a certain tone. If we are writing an academic paper, we may use an authoritative tone. If we are writing an ad for a baby boutique, we may take on a cheerful tone.  And of course, when we are writing blogs, we should have a definable tone. Some blogs are matter-of-fact. Others are irreverent. Some are angry (and those are generally using the blogosphere to rally against something or someone).  What tone does your blog have?

Some tones to use include:

  • candid
  • casual
  • cheerful
  • compassionate
  • conciliatory
  • confident
  • curious
  • empathetic
  • encouraging
  • excited
  • expectant
  • fervent
  • formal
  • fun
  • happy
  • humorous
  • incisive
  • objective
  • optimistic
  • outspoken
  • relaxed
  • serious
  • skeptical
  • sympathetic

Some tones to avoid:

  • brusque
  • contentious
  • cynical
  • derogatory
  • desperate
  • doubtful
  • fatalistic
  • fearful
  • frantic
  • gloomy
  • grim
  •  holier-than-thou
  • hopeless
  • lethargic
  • melancholy
  • paranoid
  • pedantic
  • selfish
  • unsympathetic

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