Brand Identity Kit

The Five-Part Brand Identity/Marketing Messaging Kit

Communicate what you do

Describing your own company or organization is challenging. Doing so concisely and effectively is even harder. Many organizations struggle to articulate clearly what they do and what makes them stand out. This five-part brand identity/marketing messaging kit will provide your organization, start-up, or business with the message elements you need to effectively communicate what you do.

What is brand identity?

Your brand is your mark of distinction– what makes you known, and what separates you from your competition. Your brand identity is how you communicate your brand—the words you use, the tone, the design. While this kit does not provide visual brand identity or design, it can help a graphic designer better understand your brand.

There are five parts in your brand identity/marketing messaging kit

  1. Brand positioning statement

Concisely communicates the value of what you do to your target audience, and provides focus to your marketing strategy.

  1. Key messages along with supporting points (up to 5)

The most important statements about what your organization does, and its beliefs and values.

  1. Short organizational/company description (25-50 words)

Quick summary of who you are and what you do, useful in elevator pitches.

  1. Long organizational/company description (150-200 words)

A detailed accounting of your organization, which can be used in your “about us” page, or to describe your organization in a proposal.

  1. Tagline suggestions (up to 10)

Used in marketing materials to quickly and memorably describe your organization.

Why work with me

Over the course of my 25-year career, I have helped dozens of companies and organizations (in various sectors including technology, finance, and nonprofit) to communicate better and more effectively. As a marketing communications writer and consultant, I am an expert at learning about you and then explaining to your target audience who you are, what you do, and why you’re better or different than your competition.

How it gets done

You’ll receive a comprehensive messaging questionnaire. We’ll then have an in-depth conversation about your organization or business. Using your input and my messaging expertise, I’ll provide you with your brand identity kit. You’ll review the first draft, and I will incorporate your changes. You can expect to have finalized kit within three weeks of our initial conversation.

Your investment

$995, in two payments: 50% up front and 50% upon completion.