Dealing with the haters (on social media)

Perhaps its a sign that our social fabric is stretched too thin. Perhaps people don’t know how to behave when they have the cover of social media. What is happening more and more is that people are expressing hate and hateful things to strangers on social media channels.

On Twitter, haters will search for ideas that they disagree with and then attack whoever tweeted those thoughts.  On blogs, people will leave nasty comments. On news sites, people will disparage others they disagree with. Social media seems rife with haters and trolls.

How do you deal with all these haters?

First, do NOT take these comments personally.

Second, ignore the hater/troll. Most of these people are attention-seekers or enjoy getting an angry reaction from others. On Twitter, go to the hater’s profile and block him or her. On your blog, discard the comment (you are under no obligation to provide a platform for others’ ideas, especially if they are contrary to your own and expressed in a disrespectful manner).  If feasible, delete the comments on Facebook.

I am not saying to get rid of all comments that show a different viewpoint or even that question you, just get rid of comments that are obviously motivated by hate or the desire to incite argument.

Third, move on. Social media is a constantly changing landscape, and what was interesting and hot five minutes ago may not be now.

How do you deal with haters or trolls? Would you add anything?



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