Super sexist

I watched part of the Super Bowl last night, but really wasn’t interested in the game. I wanted to report on the commercials–those famous, expensive spots that seem to make advertising history each year.  But, I just didn’t have the patience to sit there and watch them. And you know what? The ones I did see offended me. Apparently, advertising agencies have been taught to believe that:

1) Only men watch football

2) Aforementioned men prefer to drink Bud Light while trying to fulfill every male stereotype out there

3) Sexism sells

The absolute worst from the sexist standpoint was the Dodge Charger commercial, where a man is emasculated by having to do everything his wife nags him to do, and makes up for it by taking a ride in this ridiculous car.  Close behind is the always offensive GoDaddy, a company that believes men will buy websites if scantily clad women appear in the ads.

My vote is that as marketers we stop paying heed to this one time event. We give these commercials too much power by endlessly commenting and analyzing them.  The bottom line is that it is a one-time deal that proves certain companies have outmoded advertising ideas—thinking that by advertising during the big game they will get so many eyeballs they won’t have to do much else.

Your thoughts?


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