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Is your blog hiding?

If you are putting in the effort toward having a blog, shouldn’t visitors to your website be able to find it easily? For some organizations, the answer seems to be no. Some blogs are hiding and that is not a good place for them to be.

Why are these blogs hiding? Here are several “reasons:”

  • The blog is “housed” separately than the website on free blog hosting such as Blogger or
  • Different departments handle the website and the blog and there is territoriality.
  • Organizations believe they must have a blog but don’t want anybody to actually read it.
  • The blog is an afterthought and there is no room on the home page to include it.
  • Some organizations think it is obvious that blogs belong in the “newsroom” section or the “publications” section (AKA not understanding the user experience).

Successful blogs are:

  • Findable/accessible
  • Relevant
  • Shareable

A blog that is hiding is not easy to find, and therefore, not accessible (and certainly not shared or subscribed to).  It won’t matter how relevant or great the blog’s content is if the average visitor to your website has no idea it is there.

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