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Please mind the details

If you’ve been to London and ridden the Underground, you are familiar with the phrase “please mind the gap.” It’s a repeated warning for people to watch their step getting on and off the trains as there is a space between the train and the platform. It is posted everywhere inside the stations because people need to be reminded and London’s transportation authority certainly doesn’t want accidents.

Mind the Gap by nikoretro on Flickr
Mind the Gap by nikoretro on Flickr

I wish we had a similar reminder for communications managers, especially those who deal with event publicity and marketing. Instead of “mind the gap” it would say “mind the details.” Because it’s all about the details: the where, when, how, who, why and how much.

Common mistakes, which I have seen just these past few days:

Sending an email blast announcing an event and neglecting to include the date and time (or location).

Announcing an event and getting the dates mixed up (saying it is Tuesday, February 12 instead of Wednesday, February 12).

Website page about an event including a “more information” button for an event, but not providing any information about what the cost will be.

Details matter and they matter more when you are doing any type of event planning. Please mind the details. Double check them. Have somebody else check them.  Don’t assume that people will figure things out.

Finally, realize that if you don’t provide the proper details or you provide the wrong details you are making it very hard for people to attend your event.



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