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emmy commerical nominees

And the Emmy goes to…this gread ad!

I did not know, until today, that there is an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial. Now I will have to investigate this further. Although the ad industry gives out Clios and Addys, I think an Emmy is well deserved. After all, a good commercial is entertaining, and it is competing with the (supposedly) very entertaining TV we are watching. As those who work in ad production know, putting together a commercial is akin to making a small film. Casting, special effects, location scouting, and more are all involved.

The nominees for the Emmy this year are:

Brother Of The Bride – Hallmark
PYTKA, Production Company
Leo Burnett, Ad Agency
Carrier Pigeons – FedEx
MJZ, Production Company
BBDO New York, Ad Agency
Delivery – Travelers
MJZ, Production Company
Fallon, Ad Agency
It’s Mine – Coca Cola
MJZ, Production Company
Wieden + Kennedy, Ad Agency
Swear Jar – Bud Light
Hungry Man, Production Company
DDB Chicago, Ad Agency

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