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7 Solutions to Blogger’s Block

It happens to all of us. Sometimes we just can’t/won’t blog. We are out of ideas. Or, if we do have ideas, they don’t gel enough to form a good blog post. Perhaps we are being perfectionists. Or perhaps we are burned out.

Does having blogger’s block mean you should give up your blog? I don’t think so!

Here are seven solutions to deal with blogger’s block:

If the problem is lack of ideas:

1. Revisit and update an old post. Check your archives. What post had good traction? Review it and re-use it. Update as necessary.

2. Shake up your routine to inspire creativity. Creativity experts suggest shaking up your normal way of doing things — such as taking a different route to work, brushing your teeth with the opposite hand–in order to help your brain form new ideas. Once you have, sit down and brainstorm ten different ideas for blog posts. Write them down. Revisit them as necessary.

3. Create a “compilation” post.  Instead of writing a brand new post, compile or curate resources, articles or lists. You could do a “round-up” of blog posts or articles (e.g. 5 best articles on SEO) or research a list of resources (e.g. 15 upcoming tech conferences).

4. Interview someone. Come up with five questions and pose them to your company president, a colleague, an industry leader or to whomever it makes sense. Alternatively, try interviewing someone via Skype, and post the video of the interview (and if possible, a written transcript).

If the problem is burnout:

5. Solicit guest bloggers. Reach out to people you know–other bloggers, professionals in your industry, friends–and ask them to write a post. Make sure to provide a topic and guidance (and a deadline).

6. Try a different format. If you always write your posts, what about doing a video blog or a podcast? Or how about having a graphic post (heavy on images, light on words).

7. Take a break. Sometimes you need time off to recharge. You should write a post explaining the blog is on a short hiatus or that you are on vacation. You should probably say when the blog will be back.  If you are uncomfortable not having content during your break you may want to re-post popular older posts or seek evergreen content. If you have a white paper or book, you could run excerpts.

What do you do when you are struck with blogger’s block? Please share your suggestions and solutions  in the comments.


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