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60 Minutes story on Three Cups of Tea

1 big lesson from 3 Cups of Tea Controversy

No doubt by now you have heard about the controversy surrounding Greg Mortenson an his book Three Cups of Tea, as well as the Central Asia Institute (CAI). CBS’ 60 Minutes did an expose on Mortenson, and the report alleges Mortenson fabricated some part of his story and that the CAI has been mismanaging funds.

The story has been widely reported in the media. Jon Krakauer, who was interviewed in the 60 Minutes story, has issued his own expose.

Now, there is a report that the Montana Attorney General will investigate the CAI.

Bottom line: Mortenson is facing serious challenges to his credibility.

One big lesson for everyone: serious investigative journalism is still a force to be reckoned with.

One big lesson for Mortenson: answer requests for interviews. 60 Minutes tried to interview him and he declined. Not answering makes it look like you are trying to hide something. Never a good idea.

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