Thanks are not only for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is two days away. If you are like me, you’ve gotten lots of email and regular mail from companies and organizations you’ve done business with or have donated money to. Some are simply expressing thanks, and others are reminding you that some people won’t be able to eat on Thanksgiving (so give more money). Others are using Thanksgiving as a differentiator–sending holiday cards now instead of Christmas/New Year’s.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and I appreciate getting thanked or remembered at least once a year. But perhaps businesses and organizations should consider how to thank customers and supporters year-round.

So many times, we conduct a business transaction and afterwards there’s nothing. What’s particularly galling is when you donate or volunteer, and you hear nothing from the organization. A couple of years ago, I volunteered at a huge Christmas event. Not only was it very disorganized (which showed a lack of appreciation for volunteers’ time) but there was no thank you, formal (follow up email) or otherwise. I haven’t been back since.

A thank you–a show of appreciation–is an important marketing tool. I wrote “Why a thank you is good marketing” here five years ago. I still think it’s true.

So thank you! I appreciate that you took the time to read my thoughts. I am especially thankful for those who have shared my posts and/or taken the time to comment.

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating! I wish you and your families a happy and relaxing holiday.


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