Don’t be a fashion victim…you will freeze!

We are in our third straight week of sub-freezing weather here in Washington. The Potomac is frozen and so are some people’s brains apparently. I am talking about the fashion victims. There are two major categories:

  • Stuck in the past
  • Too cool for school

Those that are stuck in the past unpack their winter coats from the time machine closet. Take for example a lady I saw on the Metro the other day. She was sporting an oversize circa 1980 LL Bean barn jacket. I didn’t see her shoes, but I would not have been surprised to see some Bean duck boots on them. That, in conjunction with her mullet hair cut (I am totally not making this up), made me stare in amazement. I kept thinking that this woman was desperately ready for some new clothes, and a makeover.

Don’t be that fashion victim! Know when to refresh your image. Perhaps you need a new website. Perhaps your logo colors could change. Or that Times New Roman you have been using in your print materials could be upgraded for something a bit more modern.

You know some people are totally too cool when they go out in subfreezing weather with no socks on. Apparently (and since I am not so cool) wearing socks is never fashionable, even when there is a wind chill factor of -15 and snow on the ground. I most often see young women fashion victims. They are wrapped up in their not so warm coat, no hat (that apparently is also not cool) and walking around in ballet slipper shoes with no hosiery of any type. I did also see a skinny-jean wearing dude with boat shoes and no socks…in January in Washington DC.

Don’t be so fashionable that you can’t dress appropriately for the weather. Or in communications, don’t do things because everybody else is doing it or because it’s so cool. Sure, all the home decor people are crazy about Pinterest, but perhaps your law office just doesn’t have the visuals for it. Maybe orange is the new black, but your elderly audience needs heavy, large black type to read what you are saying.

The only one that gets hurt by being a fashion victim is you…



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