Know your strengths and weaknesses

I know a scholar who is very smart and informed and yet, this scholar doesn’t ever ask for or listen to marketing advice. A few years ago, this person, who had written a couple books, decided to launch a website. I met with her after she had already done it. She wanted some feedback. I thought she should have a blog. But, she couldn’t add one since her site had been built in Dreamweaver. I wished she had asked my opinion  before she created her site.

This scholar sends out weekly email blasts. She does not have sharing capabilities on her emails. I have advised her time and again that she could get the word out even farther if she would add the ability to share on Facebook (where she has a presence). But she either doesn’t care or doesn’t think my advice is worthwhile.

I have stopped giving her any advice. It is clear that she thinks she knows enough about marketing herself to ask me (or anyone) for help.

In any aspect of life it is helpful to know (and acknowledge) your strengths and weaknesses.  You play to your strengths and get help in the areas you are weak. For example, say you have great ideas but can’t spell for your life.  If you are blogging, you know you need to get an editor to read over your stuff.

In the scholar’s case, her weakness is marketing (and social media). She should acknowledge that and get help (or at least listen to advice).

We may not know our strengths and weaknesses, but we should work to find out what they are and act appropriately. Get feedback (listen to feedback!).




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