Scary things communicators do

Yes, I know, it is somewhat formulaic to have a scary things post at Halloween, but why not? Following, in no particular order, are the scary (wrong) things communicators do:

  • Not know their effect from their affect
  •  Declare that social media isn’t necessary
  •  On the other hand, think that all they need to do is Tweet something out
  •  Think a USP is something like a USB
  • Overlook the basics: not checking the address is correct, for example
  • Network all the time or not at all
  •  Steer clear of professional development events because “there’s nothing new to learn”
  •  Use corporate-speak phrases just to achieve buy-in or ramp up their core competency
  •  Fail to adapt to changing conditions (“We will send out the press release, I don’t care that Hurricane Sandy just devastated New York.”)

I know you have a few good ones to add–so please, please add them in the comments!

Have a happy Halloween! Hope you get more treats than tricks.

Row of pumpkins at Farmers' Market
Pumpkins just in time for Halloween

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