Check your content much?

When was the last time you checked–and I mean thoroughly checked–your online content? Recently? Last quarter? Last year? When you launched the website?

If you haven’t done it recently (within the past six months), I suggest hopping over to your website RIGHT NOW.

It’s crucial to check for accuracy and relevance of your content. Here are a few areas you most definitely want to check and update if necessary:

  • Contact information
  • Product/service listing
  • Pricing
  • About page (everybody still with your company or in the same position?)
  • Home page (what exactly is the first thing you are telling people about your company?)

People are using the web more and more each day to find vendors and buy stuff. An out-of-date or inaccurate website will make it difficult for those potential customers to do business with you.

What are you waiting for! Go do it now.



About Deborah Brody

Deborah Brody writes and edits anything related to marketing communications. Most blog posts are written under the influence of caffeine.


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