Me! Me! It’s all about ME!!!!

Two-year-olds LOVE the word me. They are just learning that they are individuals and that they want whatever their siblings or friends have. “Me too,” they shout. “Daddy, Mommy, look at me!!!”

You would think Twitter has been overrun by a nursery school. In endless posts, self-promoters don’t use the word me as such, instead, they go on about their blog, their client, their big idea. Post after post after post. Never “engaging” with others, never re-tweeting others, and certainly never sharing anything useful.

Take for example the life coach who just came up with a brilliant idea. She is going to make sure you hear about it–she even created her own hashtag. And she wants you to join in. Or the business development “expert” who wants you to like her Facebook page, and asks you every SINGLE day, several times a day. Or the PR guy who constantly tells you how great he is because his VIP clients have been featured in the media.

Sure, you should use Twitter and social media outlets to promote your business (and yourself if you are your business). HOWEVER, if all you do is self-promote, then you are mired in ME-ONLY thinking. In other words, you are being egotistical and/or narcissistic in your use of Twitter. Twitter is a SOCIAL media platform. Social means that there is more than one person out there, right? You want to INTERACT with other people, not just have people look at you.

Think about the Twitter users you enjoy following. What makes them stand out? I bet they:

  • Share interesting articles and insights
  • Interact with you (answer your questions, comment on your tweets)
  • Re-tweet what you share

In other words, they don’t only talk about themselves. They have grown out of the “terrible twos” and have learned that there is an US or a WE out there, not just a ME.

How should you deal with the “me-all-the-time” tweeps? Easy. Unfollow. You won’t miss their egos clogging up your stream.

What do you think about my post? Ha ha! Just kidding.

Seriously, though, how far should self-promotion go on Twitter?





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Deborah Brody writes and edits anything related to marketing communications. Most blog posts are written under the influence of caffeine.

1 thought on “Me! Me! It’s all about ME!!!!”

  1. Well put Deborah. I haven’t seen a posting like this and it opened my eyes to those I follow and how I’m tweeting. Regarding, how far is to far? Perhaps a little common sense when using these platforms to self promote and from a healthcare PR perspective, it’s all about a fair and balanced approach!

    Cheers, Breanne

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