Round-up: Facebook’s new timeline, print ads and bad bosses

Today has been one of those days, where there are tons of great articles, interesting observations and news, so here’s a round-up.

New timeline on Facebook

In case you missed it, Facebook is forcing its new timeline on all brand/organizational pages by March 30th. You have a month to prepare, and here is a fantastic how-to from HubSpot:

The Complete Guide to Setting Up the New Facebook Page Design

Print advertising in major decline

It is no secret that print media are suffering, not only from the fact that most people seem to prefer to access information online, but by a decline in print advertising. The Atlantic has a graph that shows the precipitous decline over the past 60 years, most of it in the past decade. Sad news for print outlets.

Power-crazed bosses

A few weeks ago I wrote here on the blog about how ego can get in the way of effective communication. In case you want to explore this issue more, Fast Company published an article about how power can poison bosses–to the point they lose all self-awareness and empathy. Believe me, power-crazed bosses are not going to get why their communications efforts aren’t working. It must be your ineptitude or stupidity–not their inability to view things rationally.



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