Did you watch the Oscars?

Last night, I watched part of the Academy Awards (or Oscars to most everyone on the planet). I did not watch it all. And what I did watch, I didn’t enjoy.

It seems quite ironic that the night meant to celebrating the best in film ENTERTAINMENT, is so un-entertaining.  The jokes were not funny, the audio was off (some weird feedback on the microphones), the show was too long. Some speakers were cut off, and Billy Crystal, the host, seemed caught in some time warp.

Perhaps it is because Hollywood is out of touch (seriously, how many people in this economy could even afford a designer gown?). Or perhaps it is because the Academy is completely not representative of the population (it is mostly male, mostly white, mostly old, as the LA Times reported).

With each passing year it seems that the red carpet pre-show, where the attendees show off what they are wearing, becomes what more people want to watch than the actual awards.

So, did YOU watch the Oscars? If so, what did you think?


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1 thought on “Did you watch the Oscars?”

  1. Nope. I’ve gotten increasingly bored with the over-long show, lame hosts & hostesses (although I used to like Billy Crystal as host), and, to be honest, I haven’t seem too many of the nominated flicks. (It’s difficult when you have a 10-year old. My movie theatre diet consists of Transformers or Cars etc ).

    So what did we watch last night? JJ Abrams “Star Trek” on DVD from the public library (the spousal overunit hadn’t seen it yet).


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