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It is inevitable that at the end of the year blogs, newscasts, newspapers and everybody else creates lists for their readers/viewers: best posts of the year, what’s in and what’s out, resolutions for 2012, trends, and so on. While some of these are interesting and even though-provoking, I challenge you to make your own list.

To make your own list, you will have to sit and reflect a bit. Here are some guiding questions:

  • What worked the best for you in terms of marketing communications? (What got the most response, donors, etc.)
  • What worked the least for you? (Where did you spend time/money with little or no return?)
  • Did you create any partnerships? What worked best/least?
  • Did you sponsor anything/anybody? What worked?
  • Did you read any business/marketing books? Which provided the best/most actionable advice?
  • What ads/commercials were memorable to you? Why?
  • What peeved you the most?
  • What did your competition do this year that you admired? That you thought was not so good?
  • What people/organizations brought you the most value? (Perhaps your graphic designer or your printer…)
  • What one marketing communications task that you accomplished this year was the most worthwhile (something like creating a brochure, redesigning a website, launching a blog, etc.)

In the Escape from Cubicle Nation blog, Pam Slim urges you to ask yourself four questions:

  1. What did I learn?
  2. What am I grateful for?
  3. What will I stop doing?
  4. What will I start doing?

Although Ms. Slim is looking at personal growth, I think these questions are valid to determine what your marcomm efforts will be in the new year. Looking through your lists will help you move forward in 2012. The last two questions are especially key. If you found that something you have been doing provides no return on investment, STOP doing it. Start doing something different!

Please share your responses or any questions that you ask yourself at year’s end.


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