Give them a reason to care

My last post suggested you have a strong subject line in your email, especially when you are reaching out to potential clients. You have to give them a reason to care.

This advice extends to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook posts and your marketing in general.  If you are trying to get people to do something (read your post, buy your product/service, donate), you MUST give those people a reason to care. You can’t just say “look at me.”

First, ask yourself what you want your potential client or customer to do. Then ask yourself, what would make the potential client/customer interested in doing what I ask?

So instead of saying: Donate $$ to Good Cause X say Donate $$ to Good Cause so we can help feed the starving in your city.  Or be more creative: Hundreds are suffering from malnutrition–giving to Good Cause will help.



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