My marketing must-haves

As a very small business, Deborah Brody Marketing Communications does not have a large marketing budget (seems a bit ironic). For instance, I have never printed a brochure, but I do have a website. Here are the list of things I do have, some of which are free, for marketing purposes:

  • Website (soon to be upgraded…stay tuned): This is the must-have of all must-haves, for the obvious reasons that you need to know that I exist, and without a website, I may as well not be here.
  • Blog (you are here on …soon to be integrated to one site): Keeps you informed on what I am thinking.
  • Business cards: printed, in color and double-sided. Well worth the investment. Latest ones were ordered from and are made of 100% recycled paper.
  • Twitter: Have met many people via Twitter not to mention the amount of information and ideas that I have picked up.
  • LinkedIn: A profile on LinkedIn is like an online resume with feelers.
  • Google alerts: I track several topics, and my own name. An invaluable source of current information only topped by
  • Google reader (with a long list of great blogs and feeds): You need to be current in the marketing field…and probably any field. A good way to stay on top of stuff is to have your Google Reader feeding you the latest from the industry’s top blogs, etc.

What I have that is not a must-have: a Facebook page for my business. This is in spite of evidence that says Facebook is a good place to be for businesses and brands.

What are your must-haves? Let me know in the comments please!


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Deborah Brody writes and edits anything related to marketing communications. Most blog posts are written under the influence of caffeine.


3 thoughts on “My marketing must-haves”

  1. A agree with everything that you have except that I do have a facebook account and for my business has been very good. but I a must have for me is also a list building strategy because that is where you can get the regular costumer.

  2. Great post. Featuring it in this month’s Downtown Women’s Club newsletter. But I agree with you with regard to Facebook. I don’t use it for my consulting, but more for DWC.

  3. Thanks for posting and thanks for sharing this link through DWC. I’d recommend using Google Alerts or similar tools to allow you to easily track competitive information or to track sites you feel are benchmarks for your business. It’s a great way to keep you/your business on its toes on a regular basis!

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