How to become irrelevant

How many blogs have you stopped reading? How many products have you stopped buying? How many ads do you ignore?

If you answered just one to any of these questions, the reason is because whatever the blog/ad/product/service has become irrelevant.

Some irrelevancy is by attrition–meaning that you will stop buying a product because you no longer need it (like baby diapers when your child is potty trained). Other irrelevancy is because you just don’t care anymore or the information does not ring true.

How do you become irrelevant?

If you are a blogger:

  • You write about things that people don’t care about or are not interested in.
  • You write about the same things over and over.
  • You write about you, you and more about you.
  • You never update your blog.

If you are an advertisment:

  • You advertise the same offer, over and over
  • You advertise an offer with tons of small print
  • You advertise things that are just not true (we beat any price, for instance).
  • What you advertise does not match reality.

If you are a product:

  • You don’t work as promised.
  • You don’t fill a need.
  • You are not well priced.

If you are a website:

  • You have outdated information.
  • You look like you were designed in 1999.
  • Your visitors can’t find the information they need to make a purchase/visit your location/etc.

Basically, you become irrelevant when you forget what your audience needs or wants.

What makes you tune out marketing? Let me know what makes blogs/ads/websites/brochures irrelevant.


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Deborah Brody writes and edits anything related to marketing communications. Most blog posts are written under the influence of caffeine.

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