On becoming dependent and thoughts on crying

The social media news of the moment is that Yahoo! is shutting down Delicious, the social bookmarking site. I have used Delicious intermittently over the past couple of years, and I am sure there are several interesting articles stored over there. I am told that it is fairly easy to transfer them to another site, but the issue remains, what happens when we become dependent on any website?

Many of us depend on Facebook to share pictures and news with friends and family. Others depend on LinkedIn to keep track of our professional network.  We use readers to keep our RSS feeds all in one place.  We are using cyberspace to keep our cyber activities organized. And yet, websites can be shut down at any moment and all our carefully curated information could be lost in an instant.

How do we become independent from the websites we depend on? First, figure out what information you must positively have access to and keep it in a hard (printed) format. I am talking about addresses, website URLs, email addresses and anything else you need to contact your clients, friends, network in general. Perhaps it is a good idea to keep a hard copy list of the blogs you read too.

On a totally unrelated topic, I have been reading a lot about John Boehner (incoming Republican Speaker of the House) and his crying. The man opens up the waterworks at the mere mention of his humble origins. This fabulous piece from Timothy Egan in the New York Times Opinionator blog says its mere hypocrisy as Boehner’s policies do more harm than good to people of humble origins in this country. The marketer in me thinks there is more to the crying than meets the eye. I think it is a very calculated move on Boehner’s part to seem sensitive. Either that, or he has no emotional control.

What are your thoughts? Are you dependent on your social media? And is Boehner just a big cry-baby?


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2 thoughts on “On becoming dependent and thoughts on crying”

  1. As we move of our data — and our community lives — into the cloud, you make a great point about having offline backups.

    On the Boehner point, I don’t think it’s calculated. I think it’s more likely tied to the fact that he’s alcoholic (i.e., has impulse control issues). I have no problem with men crying in public — but I am troubled by someone that fragile about to be third in line from the presidency. Not to mention that he’s crying about the “American Dream” while, as Egan put it, voting “against nearly every boost for the working stiff.”

    1. Offline backups–that is a more elegant way of putting it! As to Boehner, I don’t know about his alcoholism, but he can’t be the first person in public life with those issues, so I do think it is something about him.

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