Another advertising what?!?! moment

Much like the Coke-Pepsi taste wars, Microsoft is vying with Apple to be the taste of a new generation. You’ve probably seen the Apple commercials showcasing the young Justin (standing in for Mac) and the old man (standing in for PC). PC  is so out of touch, so many problems while Mac is just a breeze. Somehow, PCs are still in the majority… But Microsoft is pulling out all the stops–they hired Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates to shill the MS Operating System. Seriously. And I caught part of the TV commercial yesterday, and all I can say is what the??? It didn’t make sense, it was dumb and a complete waste of Jerry Seinfeld’s  comedic talents. And Bill Gates is going to convince me Microsoft is better than Mac? We know he thinks its better–he made millions off it (or is it billions?).  Bottom line, the ads are just not as hip as the Apple ads.


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