Feel good

Tylenol is currently running a campaign with “feel better” as a tagline. There are several ads in the campaign, each posing a scenario and then finishing with the tagline. I saw one today that said that sometimes you get a headache when you are dehydrated, so drink a glass of water. The message seems to be that Tylenol cares about you, and that you don’t always need to take a Tylenol. It is supposed to make us feel good about Tylenol as a company. They are caring, they provide good information and of course, they want us to feel better. There is nothing wrong with this strategy, but again, I wonder if it doesn’t somewhat underestimate the consumer. We take Tylenol because it makes the pain go away.  If the pill didn’t work, we would take something else. Would we care if the company cares how we feel?


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