What makes for a great blog?

How many blogs do you read or follow? I have about 100 on my blog reader, and I read dozens more (OK, it is an occupational hazard). Now think about the blogs you read regularly, what do you like about them? If I were to hazard a guess, the number one thing that makes that blog great (for you) is

Relevant and/or interesting content

You would not read it if it did not offer you the information you like to read about, whether your thing is food, politics, journalism, PR, beer or any number of other subjects.  But there are other reasons blogs are great.

Great blogs are:

  • Shareable (no sharing buttons, no new readers)
  • Interactive (allow for discussion in the comments)
  • Findable (not only on by search but also on your main website)
  • Pleasing to the eye (design does matter)
  • Scannable (headings, bullet points, lists all help)
  • Well written (or well spoken if a video or audio blog)

What would you add? Please tell me what makes you read a blog regularly.

I will be introducing a new feature where I rate blogs based on these attributes. Watch for it soon!

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Deborah Brody writes and edits anything related to marketing communications. Most blog posts are written under the influence of caffeine.

2 thoughts on “What makes for a great blog?”

  1. The line I think between blog and many other media sites has blurred, but to this excellent list I’ll add a few FWIW:

    -It both educates and entertains. We can go anywhere for facts, perspective so that’s what I read (and try to write).
    -The community is strong. Both the blog host and the others in the discussion are there for me than “good post” and ‘here’s what I wrote link bait’ – they aren’t just doing social, they are social.
    -It’s real, practical, approachable. I read so much that’s just ‘content’ and wonder how did that run on LI or HBR or one of the bigger SM sites? You and I’ve written better. Too many blogs are either too light, barely touch the surface; too much choir preaching to the kool-aid drinkers (seen it on a few of the few corporate blogs/social profiles I follow); just not enough ‘there’ there.

    1. Hi Davina,

      Great additions–agree that it should be entertaining and have its own perspective. Strong community is a good one, although that could take a while to build, even though a blog is good.

      Thanks as always for your insight!

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