Can two or three words guarantee business success?

The two or three words that may well guarantee business success are any of these options:

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Thanksgiving, Season’s Greetings, Best wishes.

not to mention the two most effective words in business:


Two to three words that work to show other people (customers, clients, vendors, business associates) that we are thinking of them. That we value the relationship. That we do not take them or their business for granted.

This year, I received a season’s greetings card from my eye doctor! That was a first for me…I think most doctors take one’s business for granted.

Think about whom you received greetings from, and from whom you did not.  Any surprises? Also, if you ordered gifts or other merchandise online, did you receive a thank you for your order? If you didn’t, would you buy from that retailer again?

If I feel my business is not valued, why would I continue to do business with that vendor/merchant/consultant/individual?

Perhaps sending a greeting or saying thank you is not enough to GUARANTEE success, but it will help prove you think they are important to you. Making sure your customers and clients feel valued will help make it easier to continue to do business with them.

What say you?