Shelter magazines

I have never been a huge fan of shelter magazines, mostly because they make me feel very inadequate in both the decorating and housing areas. However, they are usually at least inspirational…some day, maybe, I will have the taste and the money to decorate my house with shabby chic or whatever. However,  I may lose inspiration (and jealousy) because many shelter magazines have ceased publication, including Home and Garden, Oprah at Home, Martha Stewart Blueprint and others. The article in today’s  Washington Post blames low ad revenue and not declining circulation. So folks, we have our answer to the print question. It is all about advertising. Advertisers are cutting back on their print advertising budgets, and thus, magazines are dying. What this may lead to is a rise in advertising costs as fewer magazines are left to provide ad pages. Demand vs.  supply. And  then, fewer advertisers will want to advertise.