3 Social Media/Web Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Just this morning, I have seen all three of these mistakes, and by prominent websites/social media marketers.

Number 1: Not having links open in a new page/tab. Why is this a mistake? Because you are practically pushing people OFF your website and on to another.

Number 2: Poor social sharing tools (or worse, not having them). Poor social sharing tools are those that don’t provide the title of the post, or the blog, or the author. The example I came across this morning gave me this when I clicked to share on Twitter: Currently reading [URL address]). How is this sharing helpful to anyone?  You have to provide a reason for people to read your Tweet.

Number 3: Not checking @ mentions on Twitter. Someone is trying to communicate directly with you–is it wise to ignore him/her?  Big companies with customer service problems would do well to check their @ mentions. This is easier done with a Twitter client like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck that automatically puts @ mentions in their own column. 

Are these your top three mistakes? What would you add or subtract?