How to read analytics for your blog and other great articles

In my blogging workshop, I tell participants that if they are not feeling up to blogging they can do what I call a “round-up” post. In it, you round up the best/most interesting/relevant articles or blog posts that you have come across from around the web. In this way, you provide value to your readers, without actually having to write much.

This week, I have seen lots of good stuff, but here are four very useful articles for all you bloggers out there.

(As a side note,  I am still having difficulty with Feedly and my posts are not showing up, so this is a test in a way.)

All about Google Analytics

Have you wondered how to use Google Analytics? Google Analytics 101 for Bloggers may give you some actionable information.

Do you have content mission?

Joe Pulizzi argues, quite rightly, that you should have a content marketing mission statement for your small business. Do you have one?

What are the best practices for business bloggers?

Hubspot shared “What the Best Business Bloggers Do (And You Should Too).” Do you already practice this?

Using “science” to increase your social media impact

If you think there may be a better time to post to reach a certain audience, Fast Company has some proof in “A Scientific Guide to Maximizing Your Impact on Twitter, Facebook and Other Digital Media.” Read away and see if you can use these findings to help  you.

Do you like round-ups? I may start running them more often because there are so many great and useful articles out there.

Have a great weekend, and I hope your blog reader shows this!