5 tips for Friday on editing your own writing

I think having themes like 5 tips for Friday is a great way to keep you blogging, and I suggest that in my blogging workshops. I saw somebody’s 5 tips today, and I thought I would try my hand at it.

As a writer, I have to edit my own work. Truth is,  it is far easier to edit other people’s work. You very rarely see your own mistakes right away–be it typos or more serious errors.

Here are five tips to make sure you present the best piece of writing you can:

1. Take a break between writing and editing. A few hours will do, but a whole day, if possible, is better.

2. Read it out loud. Your ears may “see” mistakes that your eyes don’t.

3. Pay attention to homonyms (words that sound the same like than and then and their and there). Are you using the right word?

4. Go back and cut out ten words per page. Excess words often clutter your meaning.

5. Make sure most (if not all) sentences are in active voice. If they aren’t, change them.

What is your best tip for editing your own writing? Please share in the comments.