Show and tell!

You learned it way back in kindergarten, remember? Show and tell was when you brought something in and you told your classmates about it. Some people’s show and tell was boring and some was really good. I can’t remember anything from kindergarten but I know the lesson of showing and telling is a good one for anybody trying to communicate.

You would think something as basic as show and tell would stay with most people. And yet it hasn’t.

Today, I am searching for an online task manager. There are many (and I am not really sure which one to use). Some show you screen shots of the software. Some show you video. All of them tell you what they do (but not how exactly).  One in particular does not show or tell me anything. It asks me to sign up. I don’t know about you, but I am not signing up for ANYTHING, even if it is free, if I don’t know what it is exactly.

Perhaps this company’s principals did not attend kindergarten.

Remember, show and tell. People need to see what they are getting and they need to understand it too.