Communications wishes for 2012

My main wish for 2012 is that it ends up being a better year than 2011 (although that is not a very high bar). In terms of marketing communications, I offer you my top ten lists of what I wish to see more and less of.

What I wish to see more of:

  1. People/companies who know the difference between strategy and tactics and that you can’t substitute one for the other.
  2. Easy-to-navigate websites that include REAL contact information and a comprehensive ABOUT page
  3. Clever taglines that actually communicate a message (like Red Lobster’s “Sea Food Differently”)
  4. Nonprofits that understand that marketing communications are an important part of their operations
  5. People who use effect and affect correctly (AKA better copyediting)
  6. Plain English
  7. Thinking of social media as a tool (like advertising) and not as a substitute for marketing communications as a whole.
  8. Companies and organizations that understand that the quality of their customer service will directly impact their marketing efforts.
  9. Personalized LinkedIn invitations
  10. Connecting IRL (in real life) with social media friends and followers


What I wish to see less of:


  1. The search for the ROI of social media/Klout scores
  2. Sexist language (using terms like man hours) and sexist advertising (yes, I am looking at you Budweiser and GoDaddy)
  3. Grammatical mistakes and typos (perennial wish of mine)
  4. Check-ins
  5. The words utilize, monetize, incentivize; and clichéd/meaningless terms including low hanging fruit, sweet spot, pivot point.
  6. Sending out too many enewsletters
  7. LinkedIn profiles without a headshot
  8. Blatant self promotion and re-tweeting of one’s own tweets/mentions
  9. Overpriced and overhyped social media conferences
  10. Life lessons and how to live advice from marketing/social media bloggers


What do you wish for in 2012?