Political communication is a two-way street

Well, it finally is here. Election Day. Never before in my lifetime have I seen such a long election cycle, and yet so much interest. We have seen positive ads and negative ads. We’ve seen staying on message and going off message. We saw how the current economic situation shifted the message. But the bottom line is that each candidate used MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS to reach his/her TARGET AUDIENCE.  Yes indeed. An election is a real live, measured test of the success of your marketing communications. If you got your message across and people bought, you win.  Simple. And the voters get their say today. For the past year, we’ve heard from the candidates. Today, they hear from us. What we bought and what we didn’t buy.  In fact, I dare say that political communication is the pinnacle of this field…it uses all methods of communication from simple lawn signs, to expensive TV ads to social media. It needs strategy and it has to appeal to the largest majority. I am jealous of anybody in an American politics class this semester. What a way to see and understand the process.

So, did you vote today?