Radio Face Part 2

It has become commonplace to use celebrity voice-overs for television and radio ads. In fact, I remember reading that it had become a kind of game to identify who the celebrity was. For instance, I am pretty sure Ann Curry does the Detrol ads. And I just heard a radio commercial for Kaiser Permanente, which I am almost certain was read by Allison Janney. Which brings me to my point: is it worth the money to have a highly-paid (and probably telegenic) celebrity do a voice-over for your radio commercial? Of course, voices, like faces, can connote emotions and create associations. Voices can have distinctive tones and timbres. Allison Janney’s voice connotes assuredness and practicality. So I can understand Kaiser Permanente using her, but I wonder if it truly is worth the additional expense. I am sure there is radio talent out there with similar characteristics.